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Product Reviews

With so many products on the market available to us, and (sometimes) at some pretty steep prices, we have to wonder which ones are really worth the hype and which ones, well, let's just say, are just for show. Do you have a product you want reviewed? We'd love to try it out. Contact us.

Swimming Gear


Though not much is needed to get started, there are many gadgets and gizmos that are out there to help improve your stroke, strengthen your upper body, keep water out of your ears, keep you more aerodynamic in the water, and so much more. Get the inside scoop from some fish out of water that live and train among us.





Water (pool or ocean)

Cycling Gear


When thinking of entering a triathlon world, purchasing a bike may seem like the most overwhelming aspect of the transition. There are so many bikes to choose from and the price range varies so intensly that it's no wonder that most of us don't know where to turn for answers.


Fortunately, its doesn't have to be such a trechourous experience. You can find yourself on  a set of great wheels by simply answering a couple questions and talking to one of our cycling experts to find a bike that meets your needs, your frame, and your prefered type of biking activity.




Bike Shoes


Running Gear


The best part of running is that it's a sport that has the LOWEST start-up value and give you some pretty high returns for your efforts.


Below you will find REVIEWS on running gear that will enhance your experience whether at the END of a triathlon or if you are going out for a run from runners in our community who have been running since before they knew their multiplications times tables. 


Running shoes

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