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"I don't train to add days to my life. I train to add life to my days!"

Everyday we train, we get stronger, we get better, we get healthier, we get closer to our goals. We are becoming better versions of ourselves for our families and the world around us. Lets work together to help other in the workd around us also get stronger, get better, get healthier, and get closer to their goals! Together we can all creat a better world.

Community Events
Organizations that Move Us

Thumbs Up International

ThumbsUp changes attitudes about limitations by embracing life's challenges. We match able & disabled athletes to experience life's potential together.

Autism & Music

Autism&Music, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization which creates music interactive events for people with autism and their families. We host these events for parents to share and enjoy unique experiences with their loved ones and with other families from our Autism community. Our goal is to help to enhance the quality of life of those living with autism.

Running with Sole

Running with Sole (RWS) is a not for profit organization that was founded in January of 2011, but its mission and vision were several years in the making.

The concept for RWS originally was to provide recycled running shoes, from Nada and other soul-minded individuals, to the less fortunate in the local community.  An evolution soon occurred after visiting homeless shelters and distributing the shoes, RWS recognized the need to engage children who are less fortunate in physical activity.  Additionally, it became evident that discipline, self esteem, motivation, confidence, and self worth were missing in the lives of these children. The lack of attention and care to these children’s physical and emotional well being gave birth to promoting physical activity and preventing childhood obesity.  RWS evolved to incorporate our three P’s: Providing, Promoting, and Preventing.  We provide shoes, promote physical activity and prevent childhood obesity.

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If you know of any events that members of our TRIATHLETE community would be interested in participating, please send us your information. We would love to share with our readers.

Dolphin Cycling Challenge

When: February 8-9, 2015

Location: Check out different Routes HERE

Event Website:

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