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Always TRIHard, but don't forget to Live Easy


Being in the present moment is all we have. Whether we are training, spending time with family, or sifting through emotions, the present is the only time that we have to make the changes we want for ourselves. This page is dedicated to bringing you some tools that we at TRIHARDLIVEEASY have found to be sources of inspiration and provided ways for us to ground ourselves. If you have any suggestions, please share. We are always looking for new ways to find balance on this journey. 


The athelte in me honors the athlete in you

but more importantly…

The light within me honors the light within you.

May you use every breath to do good,

be better, run further and love more.



#LiveEasy Posts from our Blog

Yogi Tea

Take a moment to breathe Deep. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the little blessing in our life. We forget to be #thankful for the health to do the sport that we love, surrounded by people who support us, and in a place where it is (relatively) safe to practice, with SPECTAULAR views and year around trainable weather.


Available soon, a list of TED TALKS that will spark toughts and conversations to improve your quality of life. These talk are ideas worth spreading!

Soulful Essence

Sometimes we feel disconnected disconnected, overwhelmed or stressed out? Is everyday life driving you nuts? Our hectic, modern lifestyle constantly bombards us with unprecedented amounts of stress everyday. It’s no wonder that many of us struggle to find the time for balance and self-discovery.


Soulful Essence believes that our thoughts and actions have an impact not only on ourselves but also on the people and things that surround us. We are all connected. Caring for and nurturing yourself and your environment is a fundamental responsibility that we all share and it’s the only way we can truly experience everything life has to offer. Your journey of self-discovery begins with your ability to connect to your inner Self and allow yourself the freedom to live, love, create and thrive and Soulful Essence is here to help.


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